1. rudd-o

    My turbo died . I Need your advices.

    Last week my turbo delivered its soul so i need something to replace it. Because this period the economics are going from bad to worst i dont want to spent a lot. Just something that will work well with the factory ecu. So a 14411-91F00 (OEM S15 BB Turbo) w/ HKS actuator or a GT28RS ?
  2. T

    WTB: Gt28r / gt28rs

    As per the title... what have you got? GT28R or GT28RS needed asap :)
  3. T

    gt28rs vs gt3071r turbo

    looking at upgrading my turbo from stock t28bb, i have a 5000km old gt28rs disco potato sitting on the bench from a mates car in good nick, but i'm leaning towards getting some decent kw(250-270) out of my motor with step 2 cams, thicker head gasket etc, so i was thinking of selling both stock...