1. Adam L

    FS: GT3071R turbo kit

    I've literally just removed this from my S15. I'm selling it as a complete kit so there's no messing with parts, everything is a direct fit. The turbo is a GT3071R, 56 trim compressor wheel, 90 trim turbine wheel, .50 a/r compressor housing with 4'' intake and .86 a/r exhaust housing. It also...
  2. S

    Which turbo to go for?

    GT2876R - 705330 - 1 or GT3071R - 700382-20 Which one is worth the investment?
  3. T

    gt28rs vs gt3071r turbo

    looking at upgrading my turbo from stock t28bb, i have a 5000km old gt28rs disco potato sitting on the bench from a mates car in good nick, but i'm leaning towards getting some decent kw(250-270) out of my motor with step 2 cams, thicker head gasket etc, so i was thinking of selling both stock...