1. J

    Quick question for someone down-under

    How long is the VIN number for OZ cars including letters? Also, a long shot.... but, do the OZ cars come with a saftey label from nissan on the drivers door jam??? I guess I can't give up having a s15 in the states yet hahaha
  2. sushiming

    got a bit bored and weathers nice

    yeh bored and took a few pics of the car in the drive way on a sunny day like this it really shows the pearl in the paint aswell....u can tell i waxed it aswell did it at 12noon today iam lucky iam not dead hahaha not very artty just too hot but i put a quick effort :D
  3. sushiming

    Pulled for the first time in the S15

    hey guys I got my first pull in the S15 thought I would like to ley u guys know aswell hahaha I was driving a bit quick into a estate and was coming to a small roundabout and the coppers were on the left of the roundabout and i just knew they were gonna turn round and fellow me...and then they...
  4. A

    HAHAHA.... PC GAMES =)

    here is the video.... http://www.korzik.net/modules.php?name=News&file=view&sid=3806
  5. sushiming

    Top spec Silvia keke =)

    Clicky hahaha its wicked hehe :D