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    Hi everyone, few mods and photos of my 2JZ S15 thats been built over the last few years. Currently a street machine and recently engineered, maybe in the future it'll see a track day. 2jzgte vvti JZS161 Precision 6062 gen 2 .82 Turbo smart 50mm progate 1600cc ID injectors Kelford b series cams...
  2. L

    Ignitiol coils! Help!

    Hi, I'm from Peru, I have a s15 Spec R. I want to change my coils because I will install a Haltech and I wanna know which ignition coils are better or if the original ignition coils work better?
  3. DOM

    WTB: Aftermarket ecu

    Need one that can remove the maf. Like power fc d-jetro, aem, link etc My current haltech project is not sparking. So looking for replacement ecu.
  4. DOM

    HALTECH - won't spark

    Has anyone got a Haltech ( in specific e8) to run on an s15 successfully? My s15 has been in the garage for 5 months. In which time the ecu has gone round the other side of the world to Australia for tests by Haltech themselves. The ecu has been returned with no fault as it worked on an 2...
  5. R

    FS: haltech e11v12 with pnp harness for s15 sr20det

    as above, haltech unit is 1 year old. harness is brand new. US$1800 shipped to anywhere. email me at rapturem3 [@] gmail [.] com thanks.
  6. S

    Help with speedo and rpm plz

    Hello...im from Peru, and i swaped a rb25det and i use a haltech e6x, BUT, i have some problems with the speedo and rpm,,they r dead :(. Can u guys help me?, i dont know where in the gauge panel to conect the haltechs RPM.....And my speedo, i just have no idea how 2 make it work, i still got the...