1. Jaydej

    Does yours hang as low as mine?

    So my exhaust scrapes every now and again it's a 3" pipe does yours hang as low?
  2. S

    Hello - Another s15 owner :)

    Hi all - I'm james, from Gloucester. Recently met 'tooley' i think his name on here is...lol at birmingham (skid risk) last weekend. very nice fella! Just thought id say Hi on here. Aint to good with all these forums etc so still getting the hang of it lol.. Here are a couple of pics of...
  3. L

    Hi from ireland

    Hi paul here from county louth joined to look for help finding parts and just to hang out i tired off going into the nissan garage and all they have for certain is for the s14 or s13
  4. G

    Mr Nicely - S15 Chassis No.

    Hi Nicely, have you any resource as to how to identify what year manufacture from the Chassis no. on the car? I was told Nissan FAST software can but I dont seem to be able to get a hang of that software. Appreciate your help. Many thanks in advance.
  5. M

    Its gone.....

    Well folks thats it, the S15 has just gone, well at least provisionally as I have a deposit and the chap will be picking it up today or tomorrow, so everyone welcome Dammsy (Who is a recent member on here) to S15 ownership. :wave: I guess I should feel happy but Im not too sure at the minute...