1. A

    Unwanted hitchhiker

    Was changing the oil the other day & suddenly noticed a furry tail hanging down :ohwell: Its definitely dead & its not road kill, think something climbed up & got stuck.
  2. S

    What's this hardline?

    So went to start fitting the new manifold today and while tinkering i noticed a blue vacline hanging down from the gearbox. Odd I thought what's that? Got under the car and found the end hanging down used to be attached to this hardline running along the inside of the nearside chassis rail...
  3. Adam L

    Pussy Wagon

    I wouldn't usually do something like this but we were in tears with this car and not just at the slogan the owner proudly had on the keys. It's one of the old GT models but the thing is hanging. The dump valve was making some weird noises that resembled farting too, it's leaking power stearing...
  4. S15Cro

    Not just yet

    I recently joined S15oc in hope of becoming an S15 owner myself but heres the deal, im 18 with a full licence for 6 months now and me and my brother planned on importing an S15 jointly (hes 20). Everthing seemed fine but, because of our age and lack of expirience the insurance companies were'nt...
  5. Darren_S15

    Front Light Wiring / Fuses

    For some strange reason whoever had my car in Japan decided it was a good idea to go for the ultimate chav look. When I turn on my sidelights my front fogs come on, there are not even any bulbs in the sidelight holders. This means that whenever I want my lights on I have to have my front fog...