1. B

    S15 SR20DET Radiator

    Hi guys, I had an accident last month and car under repairs. my oem radiator fan is broken and having lots of hassle to find one locally. Does anyone know the diameter and specs of the oem fan? Thanks a lot :notworthy:
  2. J

    New Headlights

    I had a bit of an accident so I'm in the market for new headlights :(. I've been offered a set of factory H.I.D headlights but my original headlights were non H.I.D. Has anybody have any experience in fitting H.I.D to non H.I.D. Is it a simple plug and play or is it more hassle than what its...
  3. Aurora61

    quick question about o2 sensors (s13 vs s15)

    I just bought a dump/outlet pipe, and it came with a s13 o2 sensor(and screw adapter) screwed in. Rather than going through the hassle of removing it and swapping it for my s15 one, can i just use that o2 sensor on my s15?