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    ground wire

    alri fellow mebers, can anybody tell me if the metal holder on the ground wire to the battery is nessecary?? its on the wire and is bolted into the battery tray, because after fitting my FMIC i had to turn my battery sideways, and my ground cable just about stretchs and its begging to slip off...
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    tightness torques?

    hey lads need your help A.S.A.P one of my mates has to take the head off his sr20 (redtop) its an s13, does anybody hav the tightness torques for re-tightening the head bolts and tensioner? and any other help associated with this job will be greatly appreciated thanks dave
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    greddy stainless pipe

    hey dudes where would i get a stainless pipe for the passenger side of the intercooler as the greddy one doesnt hav the stainless hard pipe for the passenger side :( thanks dave
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    apexi turbo timer wiring help

    hey peeps has anybody on here hav the apexi turbo timer? the pen size one? i took it out of my civic when i sold it so i dont hav a wiring harness for the silvia, what i want to know is wat colour wires are for what? it says in the instructions i splice the red wire on the auto timer to the...
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    FMIC..greddy ls spec v.s blitz lm

    right lads and lassies these are the two i hav in mind, does anybody on here hav one and how do they find it?? was there much modification needed in fittin etc, all help appreciated dave
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    how to put a picture in the signature section???

    pls help me, coz i hav absolutely no idea :o