1. B

    New owner from Sydney

    Hey, names Brendan I'm from Sydney around the Cronulla area and just bought my s15 yesterday. I've wanted one for a long timed but due to P plate licence restrictions wasn't able to drive one. Previously have been driving a Mitsubishi FTO which was a great car and taught me heaps about what...
  2. Z

    Part numbers thread

    i was just browsing the forum and thought a part numbers thread which everyone can add to would be useful as heaps of people have part number requests . what are your guys thoughts ?
  3. mint

    Tokyo Auto Salon y0!

    Fly out on the 8th guys! Magic magic! Cant wait to go back, not gonna be there long 8 days or so but shall be banterful. I'll take heaps of pics for you all. And hopefully pick me up some toys for my kei. :wave: