1. N

    Annoying creak

    Car has been pretty much noise free since ive bought it, til i fitted a 3" catback lol. But on the way to work yesterday i starting hearing an annoying creak from the windscreen/a piller area when going over bumps. Anyone else had this?
  2. M

    Turbo whine??

    Hi all, I'd just fitted an exhaust manifold today, was testing the car this evening, much improved boost response compared to the stock manifold, but I'm hearing this whine from the turbo the moment boost starts. Sounds rather like the supercharger whine in fact?! Any bros here with the same...
  3. S

    fbu mod

    hey all im new 2 the world of s15 and keep hearing about the fbu mod... can any one tell me what it is and how it is done? thanks