1. Fruitbooter

    Question about brake hoses

    Just went to fit my HEL hoses and realised they dont fit Grrrrrrrrrr :annoyed: Looks like I should of had a banjo bolt in the pack? Or completley different hoses with banjo bolts already on? Can banjo bolts be put onto these hoses so I can fit them to the calipers? Im going to email HEL...
  2. M

    HEL Braided Brake Line Kits & Clutch Line Kits

    As an authorised HEL dealer, I am pleased to offer these to the forum This is quite possibly the most cost effective noticable upgrade to your braking system. Giving a much more confident feel during braking. All HEL kits come with CNC machined stainless steel fittings, banjo bolts and new...