1. U

    First s15

    Just got stationed in misawa Japan with the Air Force and picked up a s15 spec s with the aero package. Loving it! Only thing I want to change is the motor. I've got the na sr. It's good but you see spec r around here all the time and they suck I want a turbo! By the way my names George. Any...
  2. 7

    HKS EVC V English Manual

    My manual is in Jap :furious: I've searched the net to come up with nothing, by chance has someone got a english .pdf? This would be helpfull :nod:
  3. R

    sr20 set up tips

    found this and said i would put it up as it might be helpfull
  4. koullis

    4.11 ring and pinion

    hi, i was just wondering what the gear ratio will be like when i put the 4.11 ring and pinion in my hellical lsd which now is 3.69 (i think) its a spec s and now i am dong 100kmh@3000rpm in 5th. how will it be after the ring and pinion? btw, very helpfull site.