1. D

    4 wheel alignment with HICAS

    Has anyone else got experience of trying to get 4 wheel alignment with hicas system. I took the car to two separate garages at the weekend and was told by one that they couldn't touch it because they didn't have a hunter machine. Garage two did have one but they told me they couldn't do it...
  2. Mange

    Hicas locking

    Hello guys, I've just bought myself a S15, but it is with HICAS 4ws and this I would like to get rid of. Is there anyone that have got any tips or could give me any advices on how to do this? I will buy a hicas lock bar kit like this one on DW...
  3. spoonman

    HICAS how do you tell if you have got it or not?

    This might seam like a stupid question but i would like some confirmation if my car has HICAS or not, up until now i did not think so as i cant see what i would think are steering arms on the rear of my car, untill i thought i would check the combo meters bulbs and theres one in the spot for...
  4. Feast Japan

    FS: Hicas Cancel Bars

    Items in Japan. Shipping is included in the noted price. Exchange value may alter slightly. Item:Feast Auto Original Super Hicas Cancel Bar Application: S13, 180SX, S14, S15, A31, C33, HCR32, HNR32, BNR32, ECR33, BCNR33, ER34, BNR34 Comment: Made from strong steel. New design features...
  5. Dan H

    G,B, and L packages

    I've been looking at some japanese auctions at S15's, and there seem to be some with G package, B package and L package. Does anybody know what these packages added to the specification? Also, was Hicas optional? If it was, how can you tell? Did it add a letter to the chassis code the same as...