1. S

    does this insurance quote sound reasonable?

    Hi all, about to insure my new S15 for the first year and wondering if what i have been quoted sounds reasonable to you guys. S15 Spec R aftermarket aero, ducktail spoiler, wheels and catback exhaust also having braided lines and 5.1 brake fluid done by TorqueGT TOAD AI606 Cat 1 thatcham...
  2. J

    Odometer History Check >>FORUM SPECIAL<<

    Check out our e-store for a pre-christmas special offer of the express odometer history check: http://www.japaneseodometercheck.sto.my/ (ending Sunday 15)
  3. J

    Check your car's Japanese odometer history >>SPECIAL<<

    Dear Forum Members, Due to the ongoing good relation with this forum, we decided to put on another special Odometer History Check for forum members only. We provide you with official Japanese registration documents for your vehicle (+TRANSLATION) with certified odometer readings from the...
  4. S

    Hi from Lincoln

    Hello All, Just joined up as I'm on the search for an S15 Spec R... So I thought I would come on here and get as much info as possible... Currently driving an Almera GTi N/A SR20... Think its time for the boosted version! :nod: Does anybody recognise the car below or know anything of it's...
  5. T

    yellow jackets V splitfire coilpacks

    Which of the above is the best as regards performance and value for money.I know about splitfires but know zero about yellow jackets as i have not got any history with these and not many on here seem to use them :confused:
  6. T

    S15 Infographic?

    Hi Everyone, my company is currently creating a selection of car related infographics, see below. Do you think there would be much interest in a Nissan Silvia infographic? Perhaps the history of the Silvia. Any feedback would be great. Thanks, Tina
  7. B

    history of the nissan silvia

    its amazing how much its changed over the years. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WWSphpTtgP4&feature=related
  8. Yakozan

    History of Silvia

    Shows most of the cars in the Silvia range since the begginning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWSphpTtgP4