1. T

    WTB: Standard gear knob

    Any one got a standard gear knob for sale? Hit me up!
  2. T

    WTB: Work meisters sp1 5x114.3

    Hi all, looking for a set of meisters sp1 18” hit me with a pm if theirs any about cheers
  3. UncleDan

    WTB: S15 side marker bulb socket/plug

    I lost the plug to my side marker during my build:no:. If anyone has one laying around hit me up. Thanks Dan
  4. Jaydej

    Help!!! Low boost!

    Hey people got a problem need some help and advise. So yesterday I tried to fit the hks ssqv but didn't have the piping so put the original one back on. Now today I've come to Enfield I've been driving really hard for about a hour and now I have low boost it sits at around 0.2bar and when I...
  5. S

    FS: Nissan 114.3x5 15mm bolt on spacers (brought from driftworks)

    Don't need these so I'm taking a hit on what I paid only test fitted pic to follow £80 delivered
  6. T

    car not running properly

    I was out for a drive yesterday and I dropped it from 6 th gear to 3rd and when I hit 4rpm the car felt like it hit a flat spot and didn't want to give anymore. The car feels like stuttering when you try and push it .
  7. N

    Noob(to this site not the car world) lol hit me up!

    Hey guys names Rj I'm from northern California area I'm 21 currently own a 350gt and a ap1 and looking to buy a s15 off this site so if anyone in Cali or the states has one for sale hit me up I'm desperate for one been wanting to buy one for years now and finally have the money for one so let me...
  8. P

    Can I repair a damaged front mount inter cooler?

    Greetings everyone, I was driving around a area with a friend of mine and I went a little over the speed limit and something hit my front mount intercooler. I went home to check and the intercooler had a dint of the size of a average adult hand clenched. It could be possibly a rock that has hit...
  9. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Coil Pack x1 (or a full set)

    Well my hesitation/misfire might be linked to no.3 coilpack, so i'm in need of a fully working one :rolleyes: I would consider a full set for the right price hit me with a pm if you have any
  10. S

    CRASH!!!! need a UK mechanic who can fix it!!!!

    UNFORTUNATLY because of a stupid guy on a motorbike was driving down a one way back street... i swerved and hit a pole.... thats all over and done with... i need to find a company or mechanic who can fix my s15.... any help PLEASE!!!!!
  11. K

    of all the places for a complete doyle to park...

    Why did it have to be on a hill-not in gear-without his handbrake on fully, infront of MY BEAUTIFUL CAR! I was not impressed to find my S15 stopping this Scoda from rolling down a hill! It hit hard because the alarm had gone off!:down: :annoyed: FUMING! By the way ignore the ride height...
  12. richy200

    how much is it worth

    Edit ** Forgot to mention, car has around 70,000 miles on the clock and has new 6 months tax and it has just had a MOT with advisory for the tyres being close to the limit on the from. I'm after a bit of advice guys please, basically i'm really in to my drifting and attend at least one day a...
  13. AllanOrr

    Parts In The UK

    Hi guys just started buying some bits for my s15 the past month though was on RHDJapan to see how much a cat-back would be and looking to go for a Origin Sport Exhaust though the price for shipping to the UK was roughly the same as the exhaust, does anyone know of a decent site or company to get...
  14. S

    the damn governer

    ok so i got my 01 spec-r a few days ago finally, and everything is running great for now. i couldnt have asked for anything better, but one thing i noticed the first time i hit the autobahn was that i hit 180k in 4th and as soon as i hit 5th it was governed at around 200k. so what im asking is...
  15. R


    My names Evan. I am more known for AE86 ownership but i am going to be aquiring a spec s 2001 aussie model very soon BOG STANDARD!! yay For some more info, the hachiroku.com.au blog did an interview with me. check it out here. http://www.hachiroku.com.au/blog/?p=656 I run www.royal-drift.com...
  16. G

    rev limiter/speed limiter

    hey lads, did a lot of drivin over the weekend so hit the speed limiter a lot:D, just wonderin is it dangerous to hit the speed limiter at 180k even if your revs are only round 5500k? i know you wudnt want to be bouncin the S15 off the rev limiter too often but is it the same with the speed...