1. R

    My s15 videos

    Hey Rasi here from Brisbane, Australia. Went to motorkhana with a few of the brissy guys and girls. Nutteh, 70YSR and Dirt Turbo. Great time guys. Here is some footage of me on the day. Nutteh I'll put up yours when I get back from holidays. Enjoy...
  2. Miss S15

    Anyone from Letchworth area?

    So any members here from the letchworth area? Im heading over to my Aunt's for a weeks holidays tonight,be nice to see a 15 on hols lol :)
  3. Yakozan

    The merry christmas thread 2008

    The S15 owners club wishes everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. Don't drink to much booze during the holidays now :D We all know that less booze equals more boost.