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    S15 Parts while in Hong Kong?

    Hi All, I'm going to be visiting Hong Kong soon and was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations on where legitimate performance parts (Apexi, HKS etc.) might be sourced at a good price while I'm visiting. I'm most interested in an Apexi Power Intake / Super Suction kit and or HKS...
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    Hello from Aus/HK

    Hi! My name is Gabriel, I am originally from Hong Kong but moved to Australia. Currently driving a JDM '08 Honda Civic with the K20Z2 in it. It's quite a nice car, but contemplating S15 in the near future when I've graduated from uni, gone onto a Full License and possibly have a full time job...
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    Tuning shops in Hong Kong and Bangkok

    Hi there everyone, In a few weeks i am going on a holiday to Hong Kong and Bangkok. While i am over there i would like to do some shopping for car parts and look around in tuning shops. If anyone knows any tuning shops and places that sell Japanese car parts e.g. dump pipes, gauges etc, in...
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    23/8/06 Hong Kong S15 BBQ meeting

    :wave: :smitten:
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    How to send a package to Hong Kong?

    Can someone help? I've been quoted ?75 by Post Office, ?95 by Fedex... it's crazy! I need to send a 3kg parcel to Hong Kong (My head unit's packed up so is going back under warranty). Anyone got any bright ideas? Parcel is 3 kg, 25cm3. :confused: :(
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    Hong Kong S15 Party.