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    WTB: carbon bonnet (ideally d max style)

    As per title really, if anyone is thinking of selling their carbon bonnet / hood please give me a shout. Thanks
  2. A

    WTB: Hood cushion rubber/adjustable grommet.

    Anyone got a spare one they can sell?
  3. S

    WTB: S15 OEM Hood Badge

    I thought I read someone selling some on a thread, but I can't locate it. I am looking for an OEM hood badge/emblem for my S15. I've seen some on ebay, but their quality looks suspect. I prefer new or like new. Thanks.
  4. F

    WTB: S15 Hood

    Looking for a hood to my s15, anyone have a vented hood? Fiberglass or carbon, but not the d-max hood. Or anyone knows where to get a vented new one??? Regards, Andreas.
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    Ultimate Carbon Fiber Thread!

    I hope I'm allowed to start something like this.. (being a newbie on here and all :) ) but, as I'm slowly going crazy looking for carbon goodies for the S15, I figured a post like this one would have helped me tremendously.. Please add so that we can have everything on one thread! If anyone...
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    damaged carbon fibre hood

    Last night after work, as i was reaching to my car, noticed some asshole decided to leave a deep scratch on my carbon fibre hood. Is there anyway of repairing it? each time i look at it, i get extremely angry and have thoughts of how i would pull out each of his finger nails, if i ever do catch...
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    New! Team Japspeed Hoodies.

    Hi Guys, We have a fresh batch of our 100% cotton Japspeed branded hoodies in stock now and we thought we’d let you guys have the opportunity to buy them at a reduced rate! These are a great looking hoodie with the Japspeed branding on the front and on the hood itself. The front pocket helps...
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    My s13.5

    Alright here is how have been coming along on the car..... PROGRESS PICTURES And there ya have it.... CA18 Under the hood. I havent posted here for awhile..I apologize. Adam
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    FS: ARC Titan cooloing Hood Panel ???? cheap

    as below. immaculate looks ace fitted - bling / function etc great price for Christmas! ?50 delivered or ono + postage The ARC Titan Hood Panel is used to maximize airflow cooling efficiency by preventing air to escape over the top of the radiator, air is forced through the radiator and...
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    D-MAX D1 SPEC HOOD - Option mag review

    Something to share with you guys..
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    S15 dimensions hood

    Hello all. please, i need dimension front hood from nissan S15. ?????? thx very much -------- my project: http://drift-forum.cz/viewtopic.php?t=2382
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    WTB: S15 hood and front bumper

    Hello, I look for S15 STOCK hood and front bumper.. Thanks Paolo