1. CMR

    FS: Genuine HPI Dual Front Pipe S14 S15

    Genuine HPI Dual Front Pipe to fit PS13, S14 and S15 for sale; Very good condition, used for less than a 1000 miles. Genuine Japanese part, ideal for very low cars. Perfect welds and the runners do not overlap like the Japspeed copy part. Price: Sold Pictures:
  2. M

    HPI Engine Torque Damper for S14

    Hi everyone, :wave: Due to a cancellation of an order, we have an HPI engine torque damper available. It is for the S14/S15. There is a photo up on our Facebook page at the moment. I can deliver next day in the UK for £155. EU wide I can deliver on a courier road service for £170...
  3. M

    vibration after HPI engine damper install

    Hey guys i just installed a HPI engine damper in my s15 and have noticed a little extra vibration through the sterring wheel....just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is this normal??? or do i need to readjust the damper ???