1. J

    FS: S13 s14 180sx hubs

    I have a set of s13 s14 hubs for sale if anyone's interested?
  2. G

    FS: Geomasters // 5 stud hubs // 5x1 Skyline shafts // Offset Rack Spacers

    Selling a full set of sbody Geos with 5 stud hubs on them ready to fit to your car. Also have some 5x1 Skyline driveshafts and a pair of offset rack spacers. Geos with Hubs: £650 Shafts: £130 Rack Spacers: £60 Can do Geos with hubs and shafts for £700 or the lot for £750. I'm on...
  3. T

    Fitting front hubs.

    To fit the front hubs to the shaft of the hub knuckle do these require pressing on or should they just slip on initially with the nut to press them on the hole way. The reason i ask is that i have two brand new hubs to fit to the driftworks geomaster hub knuckles. Only when i mate them up...
  4. I

    350Z brembos on R33 hubs rear

    can i fit 350Z brembos on R33 Rear hubs?
  5. S

    gtr diff upgrade

    hey im thinking of putting either a r32 or r33 gtr diff in my s15. Has anyone put one in there car? will you need gtr half shafts, hubs etc.. and is it worth the effort/ money of putting one in? cheers