1. Luke

    Hello from Oxfordshire

    Hi to all had my s15 for nearly year and a half now and love it because life's better when your going sideways :D, love cars,lorrys,bikes,planes, basicly anything with a combustion engine that goes bang bang, iam no master macanic or s15 wizard but if you want any answers for anything iam happy...
  2. S

    WTB: s15 spoiler wanted

    as above iam in need of a s15 spoiler to put on my spec r... thanks for any help:thumbs:
  3. sushiming

    Holiday time again hehe

    hey guys yup its that time of year again iam off on holiday for two weeks from monday wont be about as much as i normally iam cuz i duno if i will get internet out there this time..... I am going bak to hong kong again might bring bak some goodies not sure what tho...i will be thinking of u...
  4. sushiming

    got a bit bored and weathers nice

    yeh bored and took a few pics of the car in the drive way on a sunny day like this it really shows the pearl in the paint aswell....u can tell i waxed it aswell did it at 12noon today iam lucky iam not dead hahaha not very artty just too hot but i put a quick effort :D