1. Mezza

    Figured I'd say Hi

    Hey, been looking at new cars recently and have always had a thing for imports (especially the s15). As a complete and utter newbie to cars I'm interested in buying a car with a hi-spec and that's obviously already imported. I know a few things...
  2. S

    Urgent help needed!

    Iv booked my mot for Friday next week but just remembered iv still got the de-cat in and binned the old one! :annoyed: Dose any one know what size it is i.e. Lenth and number of cells it is please!
  3. F

    WTB: S15 standard WMIC

    I'm searching for a s15 standard wmic. Offers from UK preferred since posting to Germany is expensive from Ireland i.e. Thanks!
  4. E

    Factory front 'speaker crossover?

    I have (I believe optional) component front speakers, i.e. separate woofers and tweeters. I'd like to upgrade them so I took a door card off to have a look. They must have their own high-power (i.e. post-headunit) crossover somewhere because there's just two cables for them from the headunit...
  5. S

    The price of s15's in ireland...!

    Im just back from living in sydney for the last year and im a bit shocked at the price drop in s15's.. before i left i had a bit of trouble selling my spec s,in the end i got 9200 for it(after 5months):no: and i thaught that was a dreadfull price as it had cost me nearly 12000 after nct and tax...
  6. raytsang

    s15 cams

    just woundering if anyone knows the cam profile of the standard cams i.e. degree and duration.
  7. E

    Now then!

    Hi boys, Im a regular member of sxoc but thought i'd register over here as my friend is on here i believe and has an s15. i have an s14a myself but used to work in my imports, so have had my experience with s15's (i.e ripping them apart ;]). My car can be seen here:- Im based in Bristol...
  8. S

    Rear Wing Mod

    Does anybody have any good pics of the rear wing mod i.e. removal of the centre leg?