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    FS: Nissan Skyline GTST spec 2 Type M

    Advertised on behalf of my bro's (Sir noddrick on sxoc) missus. FOR SALE Reluctantly, my beautiful Nissan Skyline GTST spec 2 Type M . I am the only owner in the UK (female), I?ve always loved skylines and vowed to own one at some point, I?m very proud of her and as I am part of a Nissan...
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    order number

    hy. i?m new in this forum and I love it. :thumbs: i?m from austria and normally in the sxoc.de forum. for me it is impossible to get a S15 to austria :cry::cry: so i bought a 98er silvia S14a :D 2 years ago. my german friends took me to this side because i just need your help. I search for...
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    Hi there every body!

    I?m another guy from Sweden and I?m running a small import business. I joined here because I just sold my Single turbo RX-7 and I will purchase an S15 spec-R now. But I have some questions though. 1, One of the main reasons that I sold the 7 was that it?s so freakin small inside. (I?m 193cm...