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    Nice Silvia on 370Z wheels

    found this car on Feast Auto Group Uploaded with
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    Newbie From New Zealand

    Hey, i'm from New Zealand!! I'v Been a member for a few months now (when I 1st brought my car) And learnt Heaps already but never started one of these threads yet so thought its about time. It would Awsome to get to know heaps more s15 owners from new zealand, so yeah... here's the car...
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    Smoked tail lights

    Hi I have been trying to find out what make my rear lights are but cannot find anywhere.. Anyone recognise them? Uploaded with
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    S15 Silvia from Canberra, AUS..

    Hi, Purchased my Silvia last week Uploaded with
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    dual exhaust

    Hi all, just wondering what you think about these exhaust and and see if you can show me one fitted in a s15. xs power n1 dual exhaust: Uploaded with isis dual n1 exhaust: Uploaded with Cheers! :thumbs: Regards!