1. R

    Nismo Key

    Hey guys, My car came with one of these keys, but I'm a bit confused if it can be used to start the car. It has been cut and will open the doors (just like the original key) but will not turn in the ignition for some reason, which has me completely baffled. I'm assuming this key can't be...
  2. J

    Jakurial's Autech S15

    So, I hardly get time on my computer to do this, but since my tapatalk is uploading better photo's I'll give my baby a mention on here! Autech s15 Redtop sr20de (high compression at 11.0.7 - uprated cams which I'm not sure of the make Autech used) 3.5" 5zigen exhaust with Decat Arc air intake...
  3. John-

    What is this?

    Been doing some rattle hunting today, and found this wound up in my passenger footwell Could it be related to these on my windscreen? They don't seem to go anywhere, could it have been an aftermarket immobiliser or alarm? Any help would be appreciated
  4. V

    Immobiliser/key question

    Morning ladies, I have just got a Spec R (I'll start a thread shortly) and I've got a question. Do they have an immobiliser as standard? The button on the key, which I assume is remote central locking, doesn't work so I want to change the battery, however I am worried it might **** things up if...
  5. Fasthands

    Alarm immobiliser advice

    Hi people, I would like to pick your brains about getting an alarm and immobiliser fitted to my S15, that I pick up on Monday the 17th. Can anyone recommend a good system and a trustworthy fitter in the South West. Exeter Area ideally..
  6. B

    Disconnected the battery

    Now the immobiliser/ remote central locking and cd player dont work :( how do I fix them? I think the cd player needs a code or something, not sure why the immobiliser doesnt work
  7. S

    FS: 96N Mitsi FTO GPX Mivec Manual

    Hi, I have a recently imported (about 3 months) FTO with 61,000 miles. Custom powerflow SS exhaust and decat. All usual bits n pieces, ecellent tyres all round and wheels are like new. Bodywork is very good, a few scratches as you would expect with a car of this age. ?500 Clifford Concept cat1...
  8. S

    S15 alarm?

    Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading the standard immobiliser that came with my aus spec s15... I just need to confirm a few things. 1. how many point(s) immobiliser the s15 have? 1 or 2? my owners manual don't specify any thing about "NATS" nissan anti-theft system?? 2. does a standard s15 have...