1. K

    Best Importer in my Opinion

    I already imported now an S15 LHD ! Yes LHD from Japan The best Importer is Auto-Point-Fukouka on Facebook because hes in Japan and can provide you with everything He also can get you converted Cars to LHD because in Japan there are lots of Workshops and they doin it for good Money I Paid for...
  2. Jaydej

    Anyone interested

    Hey all, for a while I have been meaning to import small parts for my car e.g bumper mount, gear knob and small bits and bobs. but to import each bit one by one will cost a fortune so I was wondering if i contacted a importer of anyone on the forum would be interested to maybe organise half or a...
  3. craig_m

    hi from Dorset, UK

    hi i am craig :wave: , i dont currently have a s15 yet :( just saving hard for one, then once i have the money i will have to try and find one that i want as most are treated badly by boy racers ect. may have to get one imported but had a bad experance with my last car i imported (starting to...
  4. N

    does anyone know a importer company that ships to the u.s.?

    does anyone know a importer company that ships to the u.s.?,because i want a S15 badly, but i can't find anyone that ship to the U.S.
  5. S


    does any one no of anyone who is breaking an s15? or will be? or any importer who can get parts off them? cheers sam
  6. G

    S15 importers in ireland

    Hey Lads, jus joined this site as i have been looking around for good s15 sites for a while and theres not many around. im hoping to bring an s15 into ireland in the summer but not sure which importer to go through. japnuts seem to be the best deal. has anyone any feedback on them??? id...
  7. N

    Recommended Importers

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an S15, could any UK owners recommend an importer, ie Newera, are they any good? Thanks