1. S

    Front Plate

    Morning gents, just trying to sort out a nicer fitting front plate and im having trouble! the width is 13", but the only plates i can find that have that width is about 6 inches deep. i want ones that about 3 inches deep as that should be more than enough to get the GB logo on and the...
  2. C1TPT

    Snow!!! :)

    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd post up to see if anyone else has had a snow day!? I went out and measured just under 6 inches! The car is staying at home but i'm going out for a play ;) lol
  3. J

    WTB: Headlamp connecter

    Hello :) I'm looking for the connector off the wiring loom (and a few inches of wire) for the passenger side headlamp main beam. From a non-xenon lamp Ta :)