1. K

    Fuel injector cleaning and testing

    Could anyone know or recommend any company which does fuel injector cleaning and testing please? Thank you
  2. J

    WTB: Stock s15 injector. Cash waiting

    As above :-)
  3. C

    FS: CF Boot Lid, Nismo Injector, Rays, Power FC, Tyres, Bride seat mount. Picture Heavy.

    S14 / S14A OEM-Style Carbon Boot Lid, brand new. Have been stored in indoor since. I have not test fit it, might need slight modification. £300.00 4 X Nismo 555 injector , used but great condition, cleaned with 2 O ring for each injector £330...
  4. S

    WTB: injector harness

    does any one have an injector harness to hand? i need to re-make my injector loom. cheers
  5. J

    injector duty questions??? help needed a.s.a.p really

    my car was mapped by greg with a max boost setting of 1.4bar (350bhp and 380ft torque) the injectors never hit more then 94% on limitier in 4th. since then it slowly got worse and worse, it now hits 100% injector duty at 0.94 bar at limitier in 2nd... as soon as i run it at 1.4bar on full...
  6. Havoc

    FS: NISMO 555cc Side Feed Injector

    Hello. Right I have 1 brand new spare 555cc Side feed injector for sale if anyone needs it for a replacement. To fit Nissan. SR20DET, RB25DET, VG30DETT £60
  7. X

    WTB: S15 Spec-R OEM Injector (Just One)

    I need one good working S15 OEM 480cc Injector. I'm in the Los Angeles, Ca, USA. PM me what you'd like for it, then we can determine the cost of post. :)
  8. T

    remanufactured injector interested to hear peopls opinions thank you
  9. Curryzz

    WTB: Standard injector please

    Need a standard injector if anyone has one? Cheers Paul
  10. S

    Injector Change Poss Prob??

    I have just got a set of Nismo 740's to replace my Nismo 550's. I was told that its a case of plu and play, is this true (does the injector slide out easily or do I need a tool). The other thing is My Apexi ECU and PFC needs to be told about the change, so if I put the 740's in will the car...
  11. S

    Original injector colour

    As topic says, what are the colour on the original injectors?
  12. slammedmind

    injector seal part number

    Ive tried searching and havent come up with anything? Does anyone have the part number for the injector o-rings/seals?
  13. Nicely

    740s finally in!

    Finally fitted the Nismo 740 injectors this morning :D All went smoothly except for having to pause between showers :rolleyes: Altered the Emanage injector adjustment, then started her up. Rough as hell and a weird whistling. Checked under the bonnet and discovered I'd missed putting the hose...
  14. M

    Injector Lag Value

    Ok Ive (With help from Barky, or rather Barky with help from me. :notworthy: ) have just fitted my 740 injectors and I have one question. The PFC injector size has been changed using the calc old size/new size * 100, but Im not sure what lag value to use. Ive pulled a figure of 0.08 for the...