1. Parky

    Profec B spec 2 questions / help

    Alright guys, I've sort-of fitted a Profec B Spec 2 today, and could do with a bit of help with where the hoses should all be plumbed in. I went off the 'Actuator type' instruction / diagram in the manual, as I don't have the factory boost solenoid valve. see below. And it says to T-piece...
  2. Hunts15

    fmic help

    hey lads jus bought this and very confused on how to fit it got no instruction :( any ideas sourced the thread for fitting a fmic but still kinda lost:confused:
  3. N

    Need advice on "R-Spec Dsm with shift Light"

    Hi all, Any kind soul has the instruction booklet on how to fix this up? I've been to a few garage but they have no confident in having this device fix without the instruction booklet. Thanks