1. K

    Temp VIN insurance companies

    Anyone know who will actually insure my car temporarily on VIN/chassis number? Phoned about 20 companies and they all said with insure it for 12 months of they need a Reg. Starting to give me a headache. Anyone any advice?
  2. chris2287

    New guy... looking for a new car... time for a silvia!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy my next car... a nissan silvia. I've always fancied some Japanese goodness (I guess playing Gran Turismo as a kid, watching the fast and the furious movies and avidly reading speedhunters has probably helped fuel this :nod: !!). Now that I can realistically...
  3. N

    Insurance on your s15

    Just wondering what insurance company people are with. I tries to get insured with Sky but they wudnt insure me as i have no performance rear wheel drive experience. Was this the same for anybody else? Will be insuring mine with Admiral however its hit and miss as some s15's i can insure for...
  4. W

    New guy from manchester england

    I have always loved JDM cars. Have wanted one for so long. But I'm yet to own one of these perfect machines. I currently drive a vauxhall corsa 1.8 Sri. Its a pile of rubbish haha, when i got it was the biggest petrol engined car i could afford to insure. But after 2 years of owning it, i was...
  5. S


    I cant believe it. Ive been checking past posts and nearly everyone is getting quotes under ?1000. No one will offer me anything below ?1160. Sky gave me a quote of ?960 a few months ago but they wont even insure me now. Whats changed? im 25, 5 yrs NCB, no convictions or claims and im going to...
  6. X

    Insure...200sx a S15???

    Hi..My name is Michael, am planning to buy a S15 Spec R but thr prob is i can't find a company that would insure me, can any one tell me who they are with owning a S15 and also would it be ok to put down a 200sx as i S15 on insurance????