1. jason'S15

    WTB: R33 rb25 gearbox wanted for conversion

    As title! Anyone know of one for sale? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  2. Curryzz

    Sterio info:)

    Hi people! I havnt picked up my 15 yet it's coming in next week, I brought a alpine single din head unit to play my iPod on witch was in my civic, will this fit in a 15?cheers Paul
  3. P

    i pod adapter for stock s15 r spec, what is available

    i have just got me a r spec s15. My last car had a full plug in ipod adapter that allowed the head unit to control the ipod. What is available regarding ipod adapters for the s15 r spec? Anyone have one? I have only found kits for the 2003 infinity land barges in USA and i cant find any info if...