1. JDM_virgin

    Think I've bought the wrong plugs

    Just bought a set of ngk6IEX's after a thread nicely started had them on there from spark or some website. I was trying to find copper plugs for the sr20 but kept just getting iridium results. Anyway thinking I should have got 7 or 8. Car will be running 300hp when mapped. Should I...
  2. S

    best plugs for sr20de n/a

    did a search an its either ngk iridium or denso's for the spec r.. but is it the same for the spec s?? cheers in advance:thumbs:
  3. K

    need spark plug details

    Hey, wanna change my plugs don't want your standard platinum or iridium ones (there not stadard but you know what i mean) ngk platinum is ~100 PFR6B-9 ngk iridium about 100 as well BKR6EIX i'm after the part number for the copper plugs for the s15...does anyone know it? i plan to change plugs...