1. Krish

    Clutch woes.... Again

    Right, I've got a brand new exedy stage 2 clutch. It's started juddering in between gears. Mainly 2nd and 3rd. Any ideas?
  2. G

    SR20DET Juddering

    Hi all, I cant recall which thread it was with some suggestions given to solve my misfiring after cold start. 1) I have replace all 4 plugs and it still misfires.:cry: 2) I have replace all 4 coils with Splitfire - the juddering reduced but its still there at 2000rpm but stopped after 5...
  3. J

    Clutch noise and wheel wiggle

    Two mechanical gripes for you to muse over :D 1: My clutch makes some funny whining noises, especially when starting from cold... It seems to be if I let the clutch out and back in again then it stops. Also more noticeable when selecting reverse. Is this common? what is it and should I...