1. Hunts15

    FS: Anything you need ???

    hey lads throwin up a thread anything you need have made a contact here at home kits, wheels, performance parts, bolt in cages, seat rails..list is endless jus pm me what your lookin for ill get it AT GOOD PRICES. :D also includes every jap caR :D:D
  2. 2

    factory boost on jap spec R

    hi every 1 :) this might be a bit old news for you guys but yeh i aint jus very sure bout this whole stock boost on s15. i know aus spec 200sx s15 all run 0.5bar, but i heard jap spec turbo s15 run 0.9bar, hence that they are more powerful. n i jus recently bought a jdm s15 n it runs 0.5bar and...
  3. S

    WTB: looking for s15

    can be broken or damaged type S o type R i looking jus for roling shell cheers
  4. G

    Toyota Levin BZR

    jus wonderin lads, is ireland the only country thats infested with the levin Bzr? i was considering getting one of these a year ago but they are almost as common as fiesta's in ireland! bears a slight resemblance to the S15 tho. are there many of these in the uk?
  5. J

    A quick Hello :wave:

    Really looking for a S15 in white/black now :thumbs: Jus found out about this place as well, great :notworthy: