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    New from Australia

    G-day all. As the thread states, if you're new introduce yourself here so HEY :wave: I own a 1999 JDM specR with a 3inch straight through, lowed on MCA Coilover, rolling on Cosmic Racing wheels. I'f you're from Australia let me know, always keen for a cruise if we live near each other haha...
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    Converting to Manual (FINALLY)

    Okay, so my goal by the end of the year is to finally convert my S15 Spec S to a Manual! I've been wanting to do this for months, but I'm finally getting around to it :) From being in a mates SR20DE powered S13, I've decided it's time. I'm looking at about $800 for all the parts second hand...
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    Thoughts on this S15?

    Just hoped you guys could have a look and see if anything stood out as looking dodgy on this seeing as you know a hell of a lot more than me. As far as I can see it looks spot on. Is there anything specific I should look for other than the usual rust spots, knocks and bangs? Only thing Im not...
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    FS: Gram Lights 57s PRO 17 x 7j with RE01-R Tyres: $2000 Negotiable

    Hi guys as the title says ive got these set of wheels for sale. They are almost brand new with minor scruffs(refer pic for details) on my ten year old car that i just bought off the dealer. Reason for sale is i am changing to TE37 SL. They will start at $2000 offer me your best price am...
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    Gauges and turbo timer

    I am wanting to get a turbo timer and 3 gauges for the car. I am thinking of putting these gauges in the place of the 3 fans above the cd player. Any recommendations to what type of gauges and turbo timer i should think about getting? Had a look at the Greddy stuff but i'm not to keen on those.
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    Hi guys, Just put down a deposit on a White S15 Spec R today, part exing my much loved EP3 Civic Type R. Its got a nice spec and had to have it. Not too keen on the wheels though, any takers? :)