1. S

    WTB: WANTED. Front wings

    Hi everyone looking for a pair of front wings ( in white would be great) but not that fussy. I'm in Ramsgate, Kent so closer the better unless your willing to post 👍👍 Cheers
  2. J

    WTB: S15 spec s wanted

    As above, ideally looking a spec s with minimal modifications, non rusty and road worthy. Have cash waiting, I live in Kent. Willing to travel but obviously the closer the better. Cheers
  3. M

    newbie from kent

    Hi I am Mark from kent Ive had a few s bodies in the past being s14 and s14a looking to get a track daily:)
  4. K

    WTB: s15 front bumper

    a spec r will do the job, closer to kent would be better but willing to travel within reason. thanks konrad
  5. I

    Meet: Many Kent meets?

    Looking at getting an S15, but at the same time, would really need to see how much I have to play with as the only thing stopping me buy one is not being able to fit my bass drum in from my drum kit. Are there many local meets that go on in Kent? Would like to take a look at some of local...
  6. A

    New S15 member

    Hi guys I have just got myself and S15. I believe it was an member on here's car. My name is Andy and i am from Kent
  7. DeanS15

    powder coating in kent

    hey guys, just thought i'd let you know about a place in rainham, kent that does sand blasting and powder coating. basically some surface rust was showing on the front and rear lower braces, lower subframe mounts, centre exhaust chassis brace and the arb cups. took all the above to b+p blasting...
  8. Yakozan

    Yakozans import-story

    Hello! One cold winter day last winter (2005/2006) I was thinking of getting a better car compared to my 90hp Golf. I looked at the 200SX S14a when I decided to see what Japan had to offer. Looked at some Skyline models and the R34GT-T seemed like a good buy. Back then I would be the first...