1. kimi

    Nice s15

    While looking around another club i use, i came across an s15 for sale over priced but i guess you may be able to knock him down. i'm also doubtfull on his bhp figures :wack: kimi x
  2. J

    Happy Birthday Kimi!!!

    Yay, 21 today and all that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :thumbs:
  3. kimi

    Happy Birthday Yakozan

    Happy Birthday Mate :D sorry i'm late only just noticed :nod: kimi x
  4. kimi

    2007 events

    hi guys :wave: just wondering if we as a club are going to do any jap shows or drifting events this year ? as we had a nice new club banner last year and only used it once at D1 :rotfl: seems a shame not to show it off :wack: kimi xx
  5. kimi

    Advise please what to use ?

    ok my fmic is on :D i'm yet to take it a test run as i have to get my bumper back on, So what do you guys recommend i use to cut the bumper ? i have my dremel waiting and i plan on a trip to B & Q to get a diamond cutter for it, is this the best thing to cut it with? or do you guys that have...
  6. kimi

    Help needed Windows stopped working

    Can anybody help me on this one? my electric windows both sides have stopped working :cry: we went out last weekend and they were playing up intermitently. today they have both stopped working altogether, my passenger is stuck closed my drivers is half open [ its ok as its in the garage ]...
  7. kimi

    holiday time has come

    hiya guys :wave: i wont be around for 2 weeks as from tonight, i'm off to cornwall for 2 whole weeks :cool: be good everyone :p kimi x p.s FAO Topper- if i'm the short one your the tall guy :D :rotfl:
  8. kimi

    WTB: s15 rocker cover

    i'm looking for a s15 rocker cover? if anyone has a spare in good condition please let me know..thanks. :D kimi x
  9. kimi

    hi beam bulbs

    any of you guys know what bulb is in the hi beam ? i was going to change them for some whiter ones,but i've never seen a bulb like it before :eek: kimi x
  10. kimi

    club merchandise

    just an idea guys, as we now have our club logo stickers ..who's up for sorting some cool shirts for us to wear :D kimi x