1. Fasthands

    While the weather was good,

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Thanks to a chap called Kris I have recently got to know through a local car club, who is a dab hand with his camera and kindly offered to get some pic's of my S15. here are just a few. :cool:
  2. Shawnhalu


    hi guys. just wanna check with u guys. driving an S15 with a GTR 34 VSPEC II brembo on. what brake lines shld i use? i check the APP ones. there are 3 -4 kind for my use i think. don know which to get.. anyone can kindly help me. thanks
  3. L

    Quick pic.

    I know its not of an S15, but since mine have all gone, I though I'd show off a pic of my new car that a friend of mine kindly took. Hope you dont mind and hope you like. Martin.