1. Sims77

    Blue one in Stoke

    I noticed the Shelby Cobra first (or replica) then got really excited to see the S15. It was on King street in Fenton, we were in the wife's Evo 8. Looked lovely
  2. A

    why Silvia

    Was doing some research on the silvia name and found out something quite interesting. Apparently according to the Nissan Silvia chief designer, the name 'Silvia' comes from Greek mythology that signifies a beautiful nymph. :o And according to roman myth, Silvia was the mother of Romulus and...
  3. D

    [16th/17th Sept Spa] Final King of Europe Drift Series 2006

    [16th/17th Sept Spa] Final King of Europe Drift Series 2006 Spa Francorchamps : The final round on one of the best tracks in the world! Only 2 weeks to go before the Toyo Tires King of Europe Drift Series 2006 FINAL ROUND on 16th & 17th September! Blanchimont will be the start line, it...
  4. sushiming

    Drift king Trashing HKS S15 Drift king trashing the HKS S15 Ive seen it before but didnt know if u guys have so here it is