1. Hunts15

    REQUEST: BN Sports blister kitted s15's

    lookin for pics off bn bister kitted s15's, iv trawled the net for ones in solid colours red white etc etc but im hopin some off you have some pics hidden in yer photobucke accounts and some off ye in japan have unseen pics :) iv done google images search but photo are bad quality or too bad...
  2. Yakozan

    Some S15s going on auction.

    Just had to post this S15 i found on the auction website :rotfl: Nicelys next set of wheels (if I was in charge) Full aero kitted black S15 :cool: Too bad it's a Spec-S
  3. Nicely

    Woohoo! Made it into Jtuner!

    Well, sort of... Small photo of me on the track in the Japfest report in this month's issue. :) Also an article on Nobuteru Taniguchi's gorgeous red Vertex LanG kitted S15. :smitten: