1. ArTo

    Blue Itasha S15 - SUKI

    Dear Guys my name is Arthur and I come from Germany. Just want to show my Silvia. I own this since 4 years now and a lot of happend since I bought it in 2013. A lot of specs in so if you want to know someting, just ask! Sponsors: and TEGIWA Currently I have finished the final...
  2. F

    WTB: Searching some parts!

    Hi there! May some of you have those on parts lying around :) Shipping to AUSTRIA should be no problem! For S15 1x ABS Sensor . Front - left side - 1x Original Wing 1x NISMO KM/H Speedo Thanks!
  3. seilow

    little box speed converter

    hi i am french and i have a s15 spec s but my speedometer is in MPH but in france the speed unit is the Km/H so it is better for me if the speedometer is in Km/H so i would like if someone know where is the little box which convert the speed ?? (A photo would be the ideal ^^ ) many thanks