1. A

    How to find out what FMIC you have?

    I don't think theres anything up with mine but its the only part on the car I don't know what make or model it is. If I needed to replace it or the piping in the future, would any kit be a perfect fit or would knowing what this one is be the best thing? Ive had a look but cant see anything on it.
  2. J


    went drift what ya brung yesterday and my car kept over heating really quickly, sometimes the water and oil were getting 120 degrees without me knowing. is this normal?
  3. 0

    Newbie from Malaysia!

    Hi all, Im Sean from Malaysia.. been owning S15 Spec R for almost 2months.. really glad to be the owner of a Silvia.. n nice knowing u all!!:)
  4. S

    s15 instrument panel plugs

    hi guys, right i would apperiate any help on this at all :nod::nod: i need to now what each pin is for. the plugs on the back of the instrument panel. i could do with knowing the colour of the wire and what they are for. i now some can cant work the rest out from the manal.:annoyed: please...
  5. J

    A good tuner up North?

    Looking for someone who can set up my profec B boost controller for me, possibly on a roller but dont know who to trust. I have already fitted it myself and initially sat up but I feel the car can give a lot more, but I dont really want to push to the limit without knowing if is running lean or...
  6. Topper

    Not one for the S15 Lover.....

    While searching for pictures of S15's a came across this and it shocked me so much i had to show it..... Knowing that they are all right hand drive, someone has a sore head :eek:
  7. M

    Gear Ratio's For 4th/5th/6th

    Hi folks. Can anyone give me the ratios for 4th to 6th please. I know its in the workshop manual, but Im stuck at work and could do with knowing now. Thanks in advance.