1. ali619

    Post a pic of your speedo

    Hey people, just have a quick query as all. Here in Northern Ireland we are blessed with being attached to the south of Ireland and because of that any cars on the road must have dual marked speedo's i.e. MPH and KPH. Now when I do get an S15 I will need to ensure that my car reads on both MPH...
  2. vinnie

    Speedo from kph to mph

    Hey Does anyone know where I can find the speedo to kph to mph? I phoned lock wood international and they said they don't do them for an s15. They said an s13/14 dial might fit it. Anyone got one for sale or know where to get one from. It need to pass the MOT.
  3. P

    Change my speedo to read MPH vs KPH...Can anyone help?

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if any of you had suggestion on where / how could i convert my speedo to read MPH on the same O.E Kph dial. Thanks for any imput. -Paul :D