1. G

    power fc identification

    hi all, i have recently imported an s15 and it had a few more goodies on than i was expecting. now it has an apexi power fc on it. it runs a z32 maf but i have also found a denso 3bar map sensor and a fast acting IAT sensor. now what style ecu is it L-jetro or D-jetro?? serial number is...
  2. S

    FS: Apexi power FC and handcontroller S15, 375 pounds shipped!

    Almost brand new, only 600 miles used, for sale because i changed my plans on the engine mods. It's an L-jetro. Needs to go asap cause i need the cash! :thumbs:
  3. AllanOrr

    Apexi FC-Power L-Jetro

    Hey guys I recently bought a Apexi FC-Power L-Jetro off SXOC that was for a S14a sr20det and was led to belive this was a easy fit to the S15. Now just found out it isnt quite as easy as I was told :annoyed: can anyone shed some light on this if this ecu will fit some way or if I am best just...
  4. F

    FS: Used S15 PowerFC - L-Jetro

    Hi peeps, Wanna sell my PowerFC L-Jetro w/o controller. For S15 SR20DET Blacktop. Will upload pics soon. Looking at AUD$720 shipped to anywhere in Australia. Location in Singapore. Thanks! FAQ Where is your controller? Car got broken into last month and took everything, incl the controller...