1. fez06

    need part numbers

    can anyone get me the part number for the rear brake discs and pads, oil filter and fuel filter please parts lad at work cant seem to get prices on anything because nothing is coming up
  2. J

    WTB: Seat rail

    wel lad looking for low rails for sparco seat to fit the s15 if anyone has any or know where i can get them please let me know
  3. G

    Why did i let her go!?

    sold my S15 about 3 months ago to a lad that did a turbo conversion on it. just saw the pictures now i want it back! if only i could!
  4. D

    Various parts

    There is a lad selling parts for s15. mostly interior bits. some of ye may be interested. he had them covered in some kind of carbon fibre look.