1. Fruitbooter

    Emigrating to somewhere better than the UK

    This isn’t something I’m thinking about seriously doing however it crossed my mind earlier and thought I’d look into it. This is because I am looking at buying a house in the not so distant future and find it somewhat sickening at the amount of house you can get for your money in other...
  2. mint

    Best s15 in the UK?

    Well its been running as of Satruday i believe in Silverstone for the EDC Round 3 quali's.. 2JZGTE Powered Weapon of Phil's. Hes currently up against some serious talent from the land of the rising sun. Here's a small snap from yesterday. too much nice !! :smitten:
  3. Topper

    Haltech ECU

    Anyone heard of these, i heard they are well known in Aus land :wave: Anyone any using one or got any info on them? Cheers :)