1. Lil SpecR

    White with ducktail m6 yesterday...

    As above on m6 yesterday crawing along up to j7/8 thanks to another crash -_- Think reg ended in NER? Couldnt quite see you were on lane 1 and i was in 4 and people kept getting in my way haha. Stickers on back window... hello anyway if you're here!
  2. C

    Strange happenings while driving the S15

    Do you guys ever get weird creepy stuff happening while driving your Silvias? Just last night I had two instances of this. Firstly driving along the A34 at the speed limit, a Zafira approaches from behind then stops along side me for about a minute, moving forward and backward beside me. I...
  3. S

    Pearl White 15, Walsall.

    Didn't notice if it was an S or R. Had an aftermarket boot spoiler. Parked on Bentley Lane.