1. Nicely

    FS: ***SOLD*** Snooper S6-R Neo

    I've recently upgraded my Snooper to a Syrius S600 and I now have my S6-R Neo for sale :) These are selling on Ebay for upwards of £100. I'm pleased to say that I can offer this to you for £60 delivered! :eek: Here's the official spiel... The Snooper S6 R Neo combines BOTH laser / radar...
  2. G

    hello from down under

    Hi everyone, my name is sonny and I'm from tasmania, Australia. I don't have a S15 yet but I have been saving up for one so it shouldn't be too far away. Would love to get to know hopefully most of you on here and also learn something as well along the way. At the moment I drive a ford laser but...