1. spoonman

    Good for a laugh, Say dumb stuff on a forum = you get burned OFFROAD-EXPRESS NZ

    This guy asked a normal question and then a really awesome one, in typical kiwi style we are being pricks to him now, have a read & bit of a laugh
  2. Mike

    Don't buy fakes of fakes, buy our fakes.

    The safety issue is understandable but the cheek of this made I laugh!
  3. tooley

    The funniest thread i have read in a good few years!!! NOS in a bottle ;)

    Read and laugh!!! :cry::thumbs::down::wack::notworthy::ghey:
  4. S

    NOS in a bottle.......(good laugh) Hopefully this will cheer someone up. :thumbs:
  5. Mark_D

    Interesting ebay auction

    Hey all, Checked the forum today and noticed not much was happening, thought i'd try and liven it up a little bit. Found this on another one of my forums, i had to laugh when i saw this. Read through and you will chuckle at...
  6. Yakozan

    movie: The slow and the lame :)

    Gave me a laugh :D Click me to see it