1. M

    Climate Control LCD

    Alright, way new here and not even from the UK or anything but seems like a well off forum. I've searched to the end of the internet and back and can't seem to find an answer. I've replaced all my DCC bulbs with LEDs and have gotten everything to light up except the LCD panel. Even with...
  2. K

    LCD car stereo help

    hi guys just bought my s15 but didnt come with stereo system. could anyone recommend me a good lcd touch screen with navigation. thanks guys
  3. J

    WTB: Factory Pop Up LCD screen from S15

    I have seen a picture of an S15 with a factory option'd pop up LCD that comes up out of the dash above the 3 centre air vents. Has anyone else seen this? I spied it on a Jap spec pictured in an Australian High Perfermance magazine and really want one. I would imagine it would require...